Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend at Barneys

When I went to Barneys a few weeks ago to pick up the foundation pump that I was so excited about, I passed by the Chanel counter, where my girlfriends and I signed up to have our makeup done at a Chanel National Artist event, this past weekend, in conjunction with Barneys' beauty bag event (where you receive a goodie bag with purchase).  At the event, I had my makeup done by Judy, who picked out some really great shades for me, including the Mystic Eyes eyeshadow palette, and a stunning red Rouge Coco, Paris.  I also had some of my makeup done by the featured artist, Roberto Casey, who taught me how to do a red lip without bleeding around the lip line, how to de-emphasize the roundness of my face by contouring with the Soleil de Tan, and who also picked out a new blush for me. 

When I first saw the eye shadow palette I wasn't entirely impressed, but once I tried this on I changed my mind after seeing the effects of the colors on my lids.  Personally my favorite of the four is the silvery gray taupe with gold flecks.  Today I am wearing this as a base, with the lighter bronzey brown color on the outer third of my eye.  I also used the darker chocolately brown color on the crease, and the pink shade above to blend out the edges.  

In Love is a coral with peach and brown tones and gold flecks.  It's a complex color, like many Chanel blushes.  I haven't tried this out yet (Since I've only had it for a day) but I can see myself using this a great deal this summer. 

I saved my favorite piece for last, the Paris Rouge Coco.  Paris is a gorgeous pink red swatched, but looks brick red on the outside.  I received so many complements when I wore this, but what sold me was really the name. This is the type of red I imagine a chic Parisian woman would wear. 

Overall I really enjoyed the makeup event and meeting the artists.  I picked up some great tips and went home with great products that I would never have found, without their help. 

Oh, and I also received this as my gift with purchase:

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