Wednesday, March 23, 2011

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse Hair Dye

Since the start of the recession, I've pretty much been dying my hair on my own, trying all sorts (semi permanent, permanent) and brands of dyes.  My personal favorite is Perfect 10 by Clairol, which I find to be the "healthiest" for my hair, as it does the least amount of damage, in my opinion.  However, anyone who colors their own hair knows how challenging it can be, especially if you have long hair, large quantity of hair, etc. to reach each strand from root to tip, AND the underside of the hair (lol, you know what I mean), in order to get uniform color throughout. 

I've been noticing alot more ads in magazines lately for DIY mousse hair dye kits, and of course I had to try it.  I picked up the L'Oreal Sublime Mousse in Pure Medium Brown (I had black hair) to test out.  What sold me was the speed and accuracy of the product; it's supposed to be really easy to apply, pretty much like shampoo.  This was the fastest application in my experience as a self-dyer, and I probably finished (from the time I opened the box until I started the clock) within 10-15 minutes.  You mix the two liquids together in the larger container, put on the cap, swirl it around (do not shake), squirt a few "test" squirts to get the foam started, and apply.  Once you coat your hair, massage your head to get the dye throughout, and wait 30 minutes before washing it out.  The dye also washed out of my hair within two minutes, which was also amazingly fast. 

While I love how quickly and "accurately" I was able to dye my hair at home, despite the 30 minute wait time, I don't know if I can give an accurate review due to the resulting color.  Since I have been dying my hair a natural black for the last year, a la Kim Kardashian, the color didn't really show up as I had anticipated.  For the record I have naturally dark dark brown hair, and the one inch or so of dark dark brown hair is now just dark brown, while the majority of my then black hair is very dark brown.  I don't necessarily blame this on the dye, since you're supposed to go only up to 2 shades outside of your current hair color, whether its natural or dyed, and I went for something out of the range, so I'm not surprised at my results.  As far as the quality of my hair, I feel that it is slightly drier, also expected, but not really noticeable and it doesn't cling together when my hair is wet. 

I think I will continue to try different mousse dyes, maybe the John Frieda one next. Maybe ill go for a medium brown again next time around, and will do another review in a month or so.  Overall I am very happy with this new technology.

Btw, this is random, but I also think hair dye kits have the BEST and most moisturizing deep conditioning hair treatments ever! I especially like the Perfect 10 hair treatment.

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