Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fekkai Essential Shea Pot de Creme

So it's been pretty cold in NY lately (and by cold I mean below freezing), and I tend to get staticky hair in the wintertime, which gets pretty annoying.  But I think I found the solution to static, or at least for my hair type: Fekkai's Essential Shea Pot de Creme!!!!

I received a sample of this from a recent purchase and have been using this for the last couple of days and my hair has been completely static free! I substituted this in place of the Fekkai Glossing Cream, which is what I normally use.  My hair routine usually starts with spraying a heat protectant (I use the Got 2 Be Guardian Angel) then I blow dry my hair until its about 85-90% dry, and use a styling cream to finish.  While the instructions indicate it should be used on wet/damp hair, I have been using it on dry hair.  I take about a dime size amount (similar to how much of the glossing cream I would use), rub it into my hands, and rake it through my hair in quick motions, so that I don't get too much concentrated in one area.  I do this because I have very fine hair and don't want to weigh it down. 

The Shea Butter Pot de Creme does not weigh my hair down at all, in fact it looks pretty much the same as it does when I use my usual product.  It still keeps my hair shiney and soft.  I bought this today at Lord & Taylor, they are having a friends and family sale (10% off cosmetics), as I don't think Sephora carries this.  It was a bit pricey (about 35 bucks) but it's such a huge amount (5.2 oz!!) that I think it could probably last at least a year.  Definitely worth it!

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