Friday, January 14, 2011

Mac & Chanel NYE Shopping

I had a few hours to kill before I had to get to a New Years Eve party, so I headed over to a department store to do some makeup shopping.  I only needed one thing, concealer, to cover up the ginormous pimple I had on my forehead (ok I had two, but one covered by my bangs).  I went to the MAC counter to pick up some Studio Finish Concealer, in NC20. 

I knew my foundation for the evening would have enough coverage to hide most of the redness, but I wanted that extra bit more to completely hide it, especially since I knew I was going to take pictures. 

While I was there I wanted to pick up a limited edition eye pencil, MAC's Kohl Eye Pencil in Feline.  This is supposed to be a super dark black eyeliner.

I have to say, I really really wanted to like this, but after several attempts at working with this eyeliner, it's just not what I had expected it to be.  My biggest issue with this liner is that it's not smooth at all.  Trying to apply this to my eye was very difficult, there was almost no glide, which makes it uncomfortable to even use.  The other issue I have is fallout.  Yes, fallout from a pencil eyeliner.  During the middle of the day I notice the fallout on my lower lash line which is difficult to remove.  I hadn't changed my mascara, and usually when that smudges its more of a uniform smudge, versus the random patch of fallout I've seen the few times I've used Feline.  I much prefer Engraved, my go-to solid black pencil eyeliner.  I have some swatches to show the difference between Feline, Engraved, and another favorite, Urban Decay's Zero, which is super creamy and easy to work with, but not as dark as Engraved.

The top is Feline, which you can see is very similar to Engraved on the bottom, which is more matte.  On the eye it's very difficult to tell the difference.

I also stopped by the Chanel counter to check out the new Spring collection.  I had already read about the new products on other blogs, and I was most excited about the Rouge Coco in Peregrina, which is a peachy nude lipstick.  I also picked up the Ombres Perlees de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette and the Chanel Espiegle Joues Contraste:

Espiegle is a peach-orange toned blush with gold shimmer.  The glitter particles are not very visible when applied to the cheek area.  When I first swatched this blush, I felt that the formula seemed very different from other Chanel JC's.  It was not finely milled, felt somewhat chalky, and was a bit crumbly when applied, as shown in the photo.  The first time I applied it to my cheek the powder was everywhere.  I don't know if I am just having bad luck with the cosmetics that I have purchased lately, but this blush certainly did not impress me, other than the color, at first.  After using this a few times, It's become less chalky but still not as fine as I expect it to be.  I called Chanel's customers service and they told me that the formula has not changed.  Maybe I just picked up a dud.  Other than the formula, I really love this color, I think it's a really great option for spring and even into summer.

When I applied this on my lips at the counter, it seemed like a peachy coral orange lipstick, really pretty and different from other lipsticks that I own, until I came back to my apartment, reopened the lipstick and realized it reminded me of NARS' Barbarella lipstick. 

Barbarella is also a really great peachy pink nude lipstick, very sheer unless you apply multiple layers.  They are similar when applied to my lips, but Barbarella has more pink and is more cool.  Both are sheer but Peregrina is more pigmented.  I think Peregrina is easier to wear as an everyday color for work, with or without gloss on top, but if I had to do a smokey eye I would pair it with Barbarella. 

The last thing I picked up on my shopping trip was the eyeshadow palette.  These eyeshadows apply a bit sheer, feel very buttery, and have a highly shimmery pearlized finish.  I would not apply this with an eyeshadow brush as I'm not sure it would pick it up well.  It's probably best applied with fingers instead.  I am loving the purple and the green shades the most.  I have been wearing the purple on top of Urban Decay's Naked eyeshadow (light tan) with the Peregrina lipstick and the Espiegle blush.  I am also liking the green eyeshadow with MAC's Creme Cup topped with NARS Chihuahua lipgloss and a neutral/cool blush. 

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