Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guerlain Parure Gold

About a month ago I had reviewed the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau, and while I think its a great lightweight sheer foundation that makes the skin look very natural, it was a bit too natural for me, in that it just didn't provide the coverage that I would like or was looking for.  I prefer something with more medium to full coverage for night time and the Lingerie de Peau wasn't cutting it, so I went back to Saks and asked to exchange for another foundation.  The SA that I had worked with previously was not available, so I ended up with another person, who was a bit pushy.  I was actually looking to try on the Guelain Parure Extreme because I had read that the coverage was better, its supposed to provide a more matte finish, which I wasnt opposed to because I think matte tends to photograph better at night.  However, after telling her I wanted more coverage she recommended the Guerlain Parure Gold, which I think is one of their most expensive foundations ($78 for 1.0 oz).  Parure Gold is a medium coverage foundation that contains double sided pigments, one side being gold which is supposed to reflect light and provide a more illluminating look.  The foundation also contains Myrhh oil and peptides, which are anti-ageing properties so it's supposed to help create a more youthful look for someone with more mature skin. 

I can't say that its illuminating for me, I actually really like the way it looks, not matte and not dewey (like my Jouer tinted moisturizer), just natural and makes me look like I have perfect skin.  The scent is really nice, can't really describe it, but it definitely smells expensive.  The packaging is really elegant, as it comes in a heavy glass bottle with a clear strip on the side to indicate how much foundation remains. 

As a side note, I'm not sure if this is foundation overload, but I had the Revlon colorstay foundation (another one that I really like and will review later on) underneath this one when I tested it out (the SA should have taken off my current makeup and put this one without anything underneath) and with this on top of the Colorstay, my skin looked completely flawless.  I think this is a great combination if I were taking photos for something important. 

Although I wanted something probably close to full coverage, I was really happy with this purchase, as I think this foundation with it being medium coverage is really versatile.  I can wear it during the day without looking like I have a mask on, while still providing the right amount of coverage I need, and it lasts until night so I don't need to reapply, even though I like re-doing my makeup if I plan on going out after work.  This foundation works really well with the Chanel Double Perfection powder, which I use to set foundation and do touch ups.  Since I don't have much signs of ageing, I can't say how its skincare ingredients are working, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt.  Overall I would highly recommend this foundation.  Still curious about the Parure Extreme though, so I will do a comparative review if I choose to purchase it. 

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